President | Katie Shumway
Vice President of Programming | Anna Bender
Vice President of Programming | Jack Higgins                            Director of Administration | Ciara Cooley
Director of Finance | Madison Zellers
Campus Events Chair | Amanda Huber
Communications Chair | Meredith McBee
Development Chair | Taylor Vinson
Family Weekend Chair | Olivia McGrath
Homecoming Chair | Christina Gilchrest
Membership Chair- | Mary Carol Murphy
Tate Lecture Series Chair | Cameron Farr
Advisor | Ashley Fitzpatrick and Lauren Chapman


President | Alex Silhanek
Vice President of Programming | Caroline Gurley
Vice President of Programming | Clark Holt
Director of Administration | Lauren Lunden
Director of Finance | Mike Witwer
Campus Events Chair | Anna Bender
Communications Chair | Tiffany Giraudon
Development Chair | Katie Shumway
Family Weekend Chair | Ciara Cooley
Homecoming Chair | Jack Higgins
Membership Chair- | Madison Zellers
Tate Lecture Series Chair | Hannah Harpole
Advisor | Ashley Fitzpatrick


President- Jennifer Zotz
VP of Programming- Max Agadoni
VP of Programming- Amy Golem
Director of Administration- Melanie Enriquez
Director of Finance- Jack Murphy
Campus Events Chair- Kaci Rood
Communications Chair- Lauren Lunden
Development Chair- Hayley Moore
Family Weekend Chair- Clark Holt
Homecoming Chair- Caroline Gurley
Membership Chair- Michael Witwer
Tate Lecture Series Chair- Alex Silhanek
Advisor- Dawn F. Norris

2014 Board Members

President- David Lee
VP of Programming- Kenna Rood
VP of Programming- Will Slack
Director of Administration- Taylor Thompson
Director of Finance- Mason Meine
Campus Events Chair- Jack Murphy
Communications Chair- Melanie Enriquez
Development Chair- Jennifer Zotz
Family Weekend Chair- Sarah Telle
Homecoming Chair- Max Agadoni
Membership Chair- Amy Golem
Tate Lecture Series Chair- Kat Thompson
Advisor- Dawn F. Norris

2012 Board Members 

President - John Angle
VP of Programming - Kelly Glasgow
VP of Programming - Christine Harpool
Director of Administration - Jacob Kay
Director of Finance - Kayla Kreuzberger
Ambassador Chair - Lauren Lyngstad
Campus Events Chair - Eric Sabandal
Development Chair - Caroline Wright
Family Weekend Chair - Antonea Bastian
Homecoming Chair - Kaleigh Schropp
Membership Chair - Kenna Rood
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Bo Kamensky
Advisor - Dawn F. Norris

2010 Board Members

President - Andrew Conwell
VP of Programming - Cathleen Good
VP of Programming - Katherine Moreno
Director of Administration - Olivia Beran
Director of Finance - Jessica Tallman
Ambassador Chair - Derek Hubbard
Campus Events Chair - Staci Talamonti
Development Chair - Kristin Salazar
Family Weekend Chair - Elisabeth Knutzen
Homecoming Chair - Greg Toth
Membership Chair - John Angle
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Jeff Brashares
Advisor - Dawn F. Norris

2008 Board Members

President - Sam Douglas
VP of Programming - Ashley Meredith
VP of Programming - Stephanie Markman
Director of Finance - Shelby Reeves
Advancement Chair - Katie Delk
Campus Events Chair - Erica Pelletier
Development Chair - Alaa Al-Barghuthi
Family Weekend Chair - Austin Jones
Homecoming Chair - Justin Warren
Marketing Chair - Catherine Lowe
Membership Chair - Keelie Rood
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Dane Brannan
Advisor - Dawn F. Norris

2006 Board Members

President - Emily Wilson
VP of Programming - Susan Carmody
VP of Programming - Chane' Waldron
Director of Administration - Karen Gutierrez
Director of Finance - Lauren Lahey
Advancement Chair - Christa Beal
Campus Events Chair - Greg Ryan
Development Chair - Robin Millican
Family Weekend Chair - Abby Hoak
Homecoming Chair - Micah Nerio
Marketing Chair - Angela Pena
Membership Chair - Laura Rowley
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Kenzie Harkins
Advisor - Arlene Manthey

2004 Board Members

President - Leslie Parks
VP of Programming - Katie Horgan
VP of Programming - Courtney Reilly
Director of Administration - Kelly Donohue
Director of Finance - Elizabeth Adams
Advancement Chair - Becky Bailey
Campus Events Chair - Megan Kinsey
Development Chair - Adrienne LaChey
Family Weekend Chair - Emily Wilson
Membership Chair - Gabe Travers
Public Relations Chair - Jaclyn Durr
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Doug Hill
Advisor - Thomas Hailey

1999 Board Members

President - Amanda Nalls
Executive Vice President - Laure Hanemann
VP of Programming - Nicole Metzger
VP of Membership - Alexis Fletcher
VP of Finance - Dave Lampe
Campus Events Chair - Lana Harder
Homecoming Chair - Laura Staub
Internal Development Chair - Amy Chiconas
Public Relations Chair - Dan Fantl
Family Weekend Chair - Patrick O'Keefe
Tate Lecture Chair - Ryan Henderson
University Advancement Chair - Lisa Dechert
Advisor - Michael Deen

1995 Board Members

President - Ken Lentz
Executive Vice President - Geron Gadd
VP of Membership - Scott Smith
VP of Programming - Amy St. Clair
VP of Finance - David Gonzalez
Campus Events - Beth Tomek
Homecoming Chair - Lucy Richardson
Parents' Weekend Chair - Tiffany Gentilla
Public Relations - David Swift
Tate Lecture Chair - Jen Calvert

Telefund - Heather Timm

Advisor: Jeff Strater

1993 Board Members 

President- Brent Sutter
Executive VP- Kristi Rampacek
VP Programming- Abby Sassenhagen
VP Advancement- Erin S. Timmerman
VP Finance- Laura S. Snead
Community Outreach- Delisa Garcia
Campus Events- Diana L. Eckhardt
Parents Weekend- Ken Lentz
Homecoming- Ashley Feldhaus
Telefund- Jennifer Calvert
Tate- Jason Alexander Metcalf

Advisor - Craig Slack

1988 Board Members

President- Marian Parker
VP of Advancement- Susan Chase
VP Programming- Elizabeth Brown
Finance- Tom Murto
Secretary- Francie More
Alumni Relations- Liz Yowell
Telefund- Dan Hart
Campus Events- Dana Brown
Tate- Helen Thompson
Fundraising- Chris Dooley
Parents Weekend- Laura Douglass
Parents Weekend- Angie Reed
Recruitment- Steve Heusinger

Advisor - Craig Slack

1986 Board Members

President - Margaret Tuschman
Vice President/Treasurer - Tom Henz

Secretary - Elizabeth Baier

Alumni Relations - Angie Desloge

Annual Funds - Andrea Papas

Campus Events - Kristi Tryhus

Fund Raising - Todd Binet

Parents' Weekend - Scott Durham

Public Relations - Shawn Maris

Recruitment - Scotty Cooper

1983 Board members

President- Bill Fay
Vice-President- Hal Gibbs
Vice- President- Colleen Butler
Public Relations- Maren Tryhus
Sustentation- John Costello
Recruitment- Steve LaRue
Alumni Relations- Melanie Swanson
Parents Weekend- Mary Beth Flahavin
Scholarship Events- George Killibrew
Campus Events- Marsha Dea Davis

1982 Board Members 

President - Martha Kemp
Vice President - Jim Watson
Treasurer - Jim Watson
Secretary - Janie Donosky
Homecoming - Julie Mayer
Alumni Relations: Katie Brewster
Annual Funds - Bill Fay
Campus Events - Elise Johnson
Public Relations - Melanie Swanson
Recruitment - Sean Windsor
Scholarship Events: Hal Gibbs


President- Cindy (Hill) Hawks
Vice-President/Treasurer- Tom Phipps
Secretary- Stephanie Mills
Public Relations- Sean Hogan
Alumni Relations- Rusty DeMoss
Annual Funds- Tim Grote
Parents Weekend- Ann Frances Paris
Campus Events- Greg Samson
Recruitment- Diny Nolan


President- Laura Koenig
Vice-President/Treasurer- Ann Gray
Secretary- Laura Laker
Public Relations- Patricia Olsen
Alumni Relations- Larry Smith
Annual Funds- Cindy Hill
Parents Weekend- Beth Bryant
Campus Events- Rusty DeMoss
Scholarship Events- Tom Phipps
Recruitment- Betsey Dolben


Public Relations- Ann Gray
Alumni Relations- Bev Bell
Annual Funds- John Cofield
Parents Weekend- Laura Koenig
Campus Events- Laura Laker
Scholarship Events- Pete Andrews
Recruitment- Katie Braden    


President- Carol Niederer
Vice-President- Mark Hanley
Treasurer- Jane Denton
Secretary- Linda Lacy
Public Relations- Tricia Shoemeker
Hilltop Dinner- Vicki Sterquill
Alumni Relations- Larry Cleveland
Sustentation- Tim Prater
Parents Weekend- Laura Koenig
Campus Events- Keith Williams
Scholarship Events- Lee Todd
Recruitment- Sarah Woolverton


President- Kathy Gerrits
Vice-President- Bob McGahee
Treasurer- Merill Reynolds
Public Relations- Connie Blass
Hilltop Dinner- Joan Graves
Alumni Relations- Leslie Landrum
Sustentation- Tom Spurgeon
Parents Weekend- Dirk Johnston
Foundation Events- Mark Buckner

2013 Board Members

President- Antonea Bastain
VP of Programming- Bo Kamensky
VP of Programming- Kaleigh Schropp
Director of Administration- Lauren Lyngstad
Director of Finance- David Lee
Ambassador Chair- Taylor Lioce
Campus Events Chair- Kenna Rood
Development Chair- Carissa Laughlin
Family Weekend Chair- Will Slack
Homecoming Chair- Taylor Thompson
Membership Chair- Jack Murphy
Tate Lecture Series Chair- Mason Meine
Advisor- Dawn F. Norris

2011 Board Members 

President - Elisabeth Knutzen
VP of Programming - Derek Hubbard
VP of Programming - Kari Rood
Director of Administration - Frank Cusimano
Director of Finance - Mark Agnew
Ambassador Chair - Antonea Bastian
Campus Events Chair - Jordan Kragen
Development Chair - Kristy Webster
Family Weekend Chair - John Angle
Homecoming Chair - Katie Broderick
Membership Chair - Kelly Glasgow
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Vanessa Mavec
Advisor - Dawn F. Norris

2009 Board Members

President - Stephanie Markman
VP of Programming - Austin Jones
VP of Programming - Erica Pelletier
Director of Administration - Keelie Rood
Director of Finance - Justin Warren
Advancement Chair - Erin Richards
Campus Events Chair - Katie Delk
Development Chair - Katherine Moreno
Family Weekend Chair - Andrew Conwell
Homecoming Chair - Cathleen Good
Membership Chair - Jessica Tallman
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Dane Brannan
Advisor - Dawn F. Norris

2007 Board Members

President - Abigail Hoak
VP of Programming - Karen Gutierrez
VP of Programming - Micah Nerio
Director of Administration - Suzanne Dean
Director of Finance - Danielle Lipes
Advancement/Marketing Chair - Ashley Meredith
Campus Events Chair - Shelby Reeves
Development Chair - Katie Kates
Family Weekend Chair - Taylor Thornley
Homecoming Chair - Sam Douglas
Membership Chair - Allison Sirriani
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Mari Montgomery
Advisor - Dawn F. Norris

2005 Board Members

President - Katie Horgan
VP of Programming - Betsy Holmes
VP of Programming - Emily Wilson
Director of Administration - Adrienne LaChey
Director of Finance - Ellen Vuong
Advancement Chair - Clare Taylor
Campus Events Chair - Susan Carmody
Development Chair - Karen Gutierrez
Family Weekend Chair - Melissa Sweat
Homecoming Chair - Jill Ballard
Membership Chair - Caroline Sullivan
Public Relations Chair - Jaclyn Durr
Tate Lecture Series Chair - Doug Hill
Advisor - Thomas Hailey

2003 Board Members 

President - Erica Crocker
VP of Programming - Betsy Bender
Family Weekend Chair - Heather Mattick
Advisor - Thomas Hailey

2002 Board Members

President- Alex Wolfe
Executive VP- Heather Purse
VP Programming- Margaret Dipp
VP Membership- Ellen Kline
VP Finance- Julie Evans
SF Advisor- Michael Deen
Campus Events- Jessica Dahl
Family Weekend- Betsey Bender
Homecoming- Beth Kraus
Internal Development- Erica Crocker
Tate- Blair Brennan
Advancement- Destiny Duron

2001 Board Members

President- Scott Krouse
VP Programming- Mary Ashley Chenoweth
VP Finance- Trent Brookshire
Executive VP- Amanda Ragain
VP Membership- Heather Purse
Campus Events- Erin Price
Family Weekend- Dana Curtiss
Homecoming- Erin Michel
Internal Development- Elizabeth Nguyen
Tate- Amanda Klasing, Leska Scanio
Advancement- Alex Wolfe

2000 Board Members

President- Laura Staub
Executive VP- Lauren Innes
VP Programming- Amy Chiconas
VP Membership- Alicia MacGregor
VP Finance- Ivan Zubo
Campus Events- Kristen (Cruikstank) Gary
Family Weekend- Angela Bringham
Homecoming- Rochelle Iserman
Internal Development- Amanda Ragain
Tate- Eric Burns
Advancement- Scott Krouse

Advisor- Michael Deen

1998 Board Members 

President - Tom Burgett
Executive Vice President - Kelley Fife
VP of Programming - Paul Denney
VP of Membership - Amanda Nalls
VP of Finance - Angela Patterson
Campus Events Chair - Jeni Treutelaar
Homecoming Chair - Mark Kummer
Internal Development Chair - Laura Hanemann
Public Relations Chair - Scott Davis
Parents' Weekend Chair - Nicole Metzger
Tate Lecture Chair - Keely Casady
University Advancement Chair - Julie Goddard

1997 Board Members

President- Joshua Denney
Executive VP- Elizabeth Smith
VP Programming- Taylor Kepler
VP Membership- Janet Amber Strang
VP Finance- Aaron Gaydosik
Campus Events- Merideth E. Fanning
Parents' Weekend- Heather Zrubek
Homecoming- Lindsay Feldhaus
Tate- Thomas L. Burgett
Advancement- Jennifer Clark
Public Relations- Mary Roehrig

1994 Board Members 

President - Jen Calvert
Executive Vice President - Tiffany Gentilla
VP of Programming - Traci Thomas
VP of Finance - Laura Snead
Campus Events - Clayton Elder
Homecoming Chair - Kristi Rampacek

Community Outreach Chair - Quinta Harris

Parents' Weekend Chair - Ashley Feldhaus

Public Relations - Scott McMonagle

Tate Lecture Chair - Jack Young

Telefund - Emily Smith

Advisor - Craig Slack

1992 Board Members

President- Garrett Hanrahan
VP Programming- Don Jones
VP Advancement- Misty Aebi
Secretary- Kathy Leach
VP Finance- Patrick Lodewick
Telefund- Kristi Rampacek
Public Relations- Erin Timmerman
Tate- Kim Head
Volunteer Coordinator- Delisa Garcia
Campus Events- Brent Sutter
Parents Weekend- Abby Sassenhagen
Homecoming- Jennifer Hazlewood

Advisor - Craig Slack

1991 Board Members

President- Richard Franco
VP Programming- Whitney McCaslin
VP Advancement- Garrett Hanrahan
Secretary- Stacey Seaburg
Treasurer- Martina Tkadlec
Homecoming- Amy Edwards
Parents Weekend- Kim Twining
Campus Events- Don Jones
Telefund- Misty Aebi
Tate- Kathy Leach
Fundraising- Jared Bassman
Public Relations- Elizabeth Brown

Advisor - Craig Slack

1990 Board Members

President- Russ Powell
VP Programming- Susanne Greer
VP Advancement- Mandy McNames
Secretary- Cheryl Meachum
Treasurer- Michelle Dudley
Homecoming- Carrie Caton
Parents Weekend- Kate Brown
Campus Events- Michelle Powell
Telefund- Allissa Raleigh
Public Relations- Richard Franco
Tate- Garrett Hanrahan
Fundraising- David Brown

Advisor - Craig Slack

1989 Board Members

Advisor - Craig Slack

1987 Board Members 

President- Steve Stovall
Vice-President- Virginia Thompson
Finance/ Treasurer- Virginia Thompson
Secretary- Sarah Gunn
Annual Funds- Carolyn Herkimer
Campus Events- Susan Chase
Fundraising- Ed Schnieders
Parents Weekend- Elizabeth Brown
Public Relations- Jimmy Rushton
Recruitment- Marian Parker
Homecoming- Julie Mayer
Committee Advisor- Lisa Bond
SF Advisor- Craig Slack

1984 Board Members

President - Maren Tryhus
Vice President - George Killebrew
Treasurer - George Killebrew
Secretary - Lindsay McAdams
Alumni Relations - Steve La Rue
Annual Funds - Margaret Tuscman
Campus Events - Holly Hayes
Parent's Weekend - Gretchen Gossett
Public Relations - Linda Beheler
Recruitment - Elizabeth Baier
Scholarship Events - Jon Marks                     


President- Dirk Johnston
Vice-President- Leslie Landrum
Treasurer- Mark Buckner
Secretary- Leslie Long
Public Relations- Linda Lacy
Hilltop Dinner- Connie Blass
Alumni Relations- Sarah Woolverton
Sustentation- Carol Niederer
Parents Weekend- Jane Denton
Foundation Events- Mark Hanley                                                                       

1973 Board members

President- Mike Miller
Vice-President- Pam (Godkin) Weaver
Advisory- Beth Ashcroft
Kelly Coghlan
Pat Hobbs
Blake McCartney
Jim Melson
Pat Murphy
Nancie Nieman
Ted Vail