2017-2018 Schedule

September 26: Richard Haass and Fareed Zakaria with David Gergen, A discussion on emerging threats to the U.S. moderated by David Gergen

October 24: Amanda Lindhout, Freelance journalist who was kidnapped in Somalia where she spent 460 days in captivity

November 28: Sarah Parcak, Archeologist and Anthropologist renowned for her use of satellite imagery to locate archeological sites, 2016 recipient of the prestigious TED prize.

January 30: Ian Bremmer, President and Founder of the Eurasia Group

February 27: Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation

March 20: David Petraeus, One of the most-decorated military officers in U.S. history

April 10: Shawn Achor, Bestselling author noted for his research on happiness and the promotion of positive psychology

May 1: Jeff Bridges, Seven-time Academy Award nominee and Oscar winner, founder of the End Hunger Network